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Enjoy a free 1 on 1 personalised property & real estate investment consultation in Australia with one of our consultants in our office or privacy of your own home during the day, night or weekend.


Our property consultants are professional home & property investment experts who have been helping clients achieve their financial and retirement goals through purchasing property.


With 35+ years of experience helping 100's of Australians, you can be rest assured our real estate property consultants will listen and help you build towards your future.


Our main aim & desire is to help you build & plan towards achieving your property dreams and goals to create the wealth you want by purchasing an Australian property.


For 35 years Key to Australia have been providing real estate and retirement strategies to Australians who are looking to purchase a home or investment property in Australia.

We have helped hundreds of kiwis & Aussies achieve their financial dreams and goals through property & real estate in Australia via our full turnkey services.

With every client we meet we know how important it is to get it right because everyone is different, your current property situation and future real estate investment goals are not the same as someone else's and it's important that we work together to achieve your goals.

It's important for us to listen, learn and acknowledge your situation so that we can build around your personal circumstances.  This is why it's an important step we take very seriously to meet with you personally to discuss you ambitions for purchasing either a home or an investment property.

Most of our 1 on 1 personalised property (home) & real estate investment meetings are face to face though sometimes it may not be possible for either you or one of our Key to Australia consultants to meet due to distance or timing of the appointment.

If we are unable to have a face to face real estate investment consultation we will either discuss via phone, SKYPE or other online means. Hence we always try to meet face to face. 

We have consultants based in Australia and we want to make sure no matter where you live we can help you achieve your own home or property investment dreams and goals. 

The In-home Real Estate & Property Investment Consultation

The property & real estate investment consultation is where we will meet with you and talk about what you wish to achieve, where you are at the moment and how you would like your future to look through purchasing an Australian investment property.

We also talk about Key to Australia and our services that we can provide around real estate and property investment in Australia and how we can help you achieve your future property goals.

Please note the consultation is friendly chat to make sure we can actually help you achieve what you want.   Buying a home or purchasing an investment property is no small decision, and we take it very seriously.  This is not a high pressure sales pitch or sell, it makes us feel uncomfortable as it does you.  If it's not for you that's great and if it is that's awesome let's work together and achieve your dreams and goals.

Identity Your Real Estate Investment Goals

When you are planning for the future you need to take a step back and look at where you are currently. By going through this process with you, it enables us to understand your current financial position better and identify ways to help you move forward.

By understanding your financial position this enables us to give the right information to you. From there we work through to determine and qualify your future financial  goals that you would like to achieve. Its important to know where you are right now and where you want to be.

Sometimes the two will match up sometimes it maybe worlds apart but that is where we are able to help you identify where work is needed in your current situation.  We can then come up with the right property strategy and solution to help you achieve it. 

Your Personalised Property Investment Consultation

  • Free appointment in our office or your home (including evenings or weekend) face to face meetings are dependant on location, this will be confirmed before your appointment is booked
  • If you have a spouse or partner we highly recommend both of you to attend the meeting
  • Have all your questions answered by our professional property expert
  • Identify your current situation, wealth and retirement goals
  • We will explain how you can purchase a home or an investment property in as little as 1 month (if applicable)
  • Learn how you can get a loan approval with either your salary or equity in your own home
  • How to purchase your own home and stick to your budget
  • Come away at the end of the consultation with a clear property (home) or investment plan and strategy to help you achieve your dreams and goal


Building homes and Investment properties for Australians 

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